MEET THE COSPLAYER: It’s our section in which we show you some Q&A we had with some not only Argentine but also international cosplayers so you can get to know them better! In this edition: Valentina Kryp

By: Milu Hermida

Valentina is 22 years old and lives in Argentina. She is not only a cosplayer but also a model, presenter, Streamer and has her own YouTube channel.

Where did you first heard of cosplay?

PH: NaniguGG

I got to know about cosplay once while looking for some Inuyasha fanarts.

When did you start cosplaying?

I made my first cosplay on 2012, it was Kagome Higurashi and that character encouraged me to start with this as I always thought she looked as myself.

What do you enjoy the most about cosplaying?

I really like meeting people and I also show what I like thanks to that. I like sharing experiences and creating with a group!

Have you got any favourite cosplay? Which one?

My favourite now is Tracer. I really like this character because she has so much energy and is really positive.

PH: NaniguGG

Have you got any least favourite cosplay? Which one?


Rei Ayanami. It’s not that I don’t like her, I just don’t think characterization is the best. I think I could do her much better.

What do you do before going to a convention?

It depends. If I’m going to compete I mostly panic and check if I have everything done. But, if it is a convention where I go as a guest, I try to go as chill as I can, with some cosplay that I had already finished.  I don’t like stressing out finishing things in the last moment.

What would you say to someone who wants to cosplay?

Cosplaying is about learning a lot of things all the time. You have to find the right motivation to do so. As everywhere, there are cool and bad things, but I really enjoy it and it really marked a «before and after» line in my life.

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