MEET THE COSPLAYER: It’s our section in which we show you some Q&A we had with some not only Argentine but also international cosplayers so you can get to know them better! In this edition: Princess Piyo-Chan

By: Milu Hermida

Piyo-Chan is a teenager from France who has been cosplaying for already 5 years and has a long route ahead!

Where did you first heard of cosplay?

I first heard of cosplay when I was like 12 years old on internet, because I started watching anime and saw some cosplayers’ images on google and I fell in love with them.

When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying 5 years ago! My first cosplay was Rin, Halloween ver.

What do you enjoy the most about cosplaying?

What I enjoy the most in cosplay is the fact that this is really an escape moment where I can be my favourite hero. I love role-playing and I like to put myself into the character!

Have you got any favourite cosplay? Which one?

My favourite cosplay… It is hard to tell but I really like my Pop Step since I did almost everything by myself!

Have you got any least favourite cosplay? Which one?

My less favourite cosplay is my Rin cosplay because the wig was awful, lol.

What do you do before going to a convention?

Before going to a convention I always put on an alarm a lot of time before I’d planned to go to the con so I can prepare all my stuff and do my make up!

What would you say to someone who wants to cosplay?

What I can say to someone who wants to start cosplaying is: just do it! Everyone can cosplay, at the beginning there will be mistakes, or some cosplay problems but it’s ok, the more you do, the more you learn!


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